Wine and Dish Pairings

Wine and Dish Pairings

At Bottiglia, we take pride in being able to offer you cuisine made from only the freshest ingredients for the most luscious flavor. We also have an amazing menu of vino from Italy, France, and more. Paired together, the perfect wine and one of our delectable Italian dishes will make for a truly unforgettable meal.

Our servers can always advise you about potential pairings, but we thought we’d share a few of our favorite wine and dish pairings to give you some inspiration for your next visit, too.

Spinach Lasagna

Our Spinach Lasagna is a big favorite, and with good reason. The delightful blend of ricotta, basil, and mozzarella ensures this dish is loaded with flavor, making for a wonderful twist on traditional lasagna. It’s a great alternative if you’re craving a rich dish without the acidity of tomatoes.

Consider pairing the Spinach Lasagna with a red wine such as Merlot. The fruity accents will complement the spinach, while the wine also has enough body to taste great alongside the mozzarella and ricotta cheeses.

Chicken Parmesan

Try our take on the classic Chicken Parmesan dish and you won’t be disappointed. Pounded chicken ensures a perfect cook, and both mozzarella and parmesan cheese add wonderful flavor to this dish.

Our Chicken Parmesan pairs beautifully with a Pinot Noir. The Pinot Noir balances out the dish, highlighting both the cheese and tomato flavors without being too heavy or overbearing.

Lobster Fra’Diavolo

Rich, full of flavor, and with just the right amount of spice, our Lobster Fra’Diavolo delivers an intriguing blend of different flavors. The spicy cherry pepper and lobster cream sauce beautifully complement the lobster, which is placed atop a bed of pasta.

Because this dish is so rich, you’ll want to avoid heavier wines with a lot of body. Instead, one of our sparkling wines makes a perfect pairing, since it offers just the right amount of contrast to the rich cream and lobster of the dish.

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Linguini Vongole

What’s better than clams, pasta, white wine, and garlic? Not much. This dish is a true Italian classic, and makes for a light yet delectable dinner. It’s full of flavor and, of course, we use only the freshest clams to make it a standout favorite.

Because this dish includes white wine, most of our white wines make an excellent pairing. Try our Sauvignon Blanc for a dry taste that works well when paired with the garlic and clams of this dish.

Pasta Pomodoro

If you’re looking for a vegan-friendly option, you’ll find it in our Pasta Pomodoro. This dish isn’t lacking in flavor, what with plenty of vegan cheese, basil, garlic, and cherry tomatoes. It’s a lighter dish that offers a blend of sweetness accented by the bold garlic flavor.

A Pinot Noir makes for an excellent pairing, since it enhances the sweetness that the cherry tomatoes contribute to the dish. It makes for just the right amount of balance, bringing a medium body and fruity highlights to your dining experience.

King Crab Bucatini

Buttery king crab is complemented by a meyer lemon cream sauce in this pasta dish. Roasted tomatoes and zucchini add plenty of flavor, and the overall effect is one of decadence. This is one of those dishes that everyone at your table will want to try a bite of, so be prepared.

Because this dish is so rich, any of our Chardonnay options will make for a good pairing. The lighter Chardonnay won’t overwhelm the buttery accents, but will rather work to complement the dish.

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Wood Grilled Wagyu New York

Our specialty wood grilling imbues our Wagyu New York steak with a beautiful flavor. Crispy artichokes and agrodolce steak sauce further enhances this top-quality cut. It’s a hearty dish that will leave the most avid meat lover satisfied.

The Toscano Rosso red wine has the boldness and body needed to complement this dish. Hints of fresh fruit and olive will add another dimension to the flavors of the steak.

Come Try Out These Pairings

Did one of these wine and dish pairings catch your eye – or your taste buds? Come visit us and try these pairings out for yourself. Browse our wine list, peruse our menu, and see what’s calling your name.

Of course, always feel free to explore our other wine offerings, or try out one of our specialty cocktails. We also have a variety of beers and plenty of non-alcoholic options for you, too.

Which of the above pairings would you like to try first?