Why Vine and Dine Is Your New Thursday Tradition at Bottiglia

Why Vine and Dine Is Your New Thursday Tradition at Bottiglia

Start a New Tradition and Join Bottiglia for Vine and Dine Thursdays

By the time Thursday rolls around, you’re ready for a little R&R. It’s been a long week and you really don’t want to wait until tomorrow to enjoy a low-key evening of relaxation and unwinding with great friends, wine and incredible food. At Bottiglia Cucina & Enoteca, we’d like to help make your week a little brighter with our Vine and Dine Thursdays. As the premier experience for fine Italian food in Henderson, we’re excited to share some of our favorite wines with you.

Why Thursdays Are All About Wine at Bottiglia

At Bottiglia, Thursdays are all about the wine. Our wine selection makes us a bit of a big deal in the world of Italian food in Henderson, and on Thursdays we’re all about sharing the love with our guests.
We want to be the place you go when you’re ready to relax and unwind with a fantastic bottle of vino.

What’s so special about Vine and Dine Thursdays at Bottiglia? Well, it all starts with our amazing deal on bottles of wine. When you show up on our doorstep for Vine and Dine Thursday, we extend a warm welcome by offering 50% off any and every bottle of wine that’s normally priced below $100. This gives you the opportunity to sample and savor some of the best wines of not only Italy, but other premier wine growing regions such as California, France and Germany.

In addition to an opportunity to share great wine with family or friends, our Vine and Dine Thursdays are the perfect chance to get better acquainted with some of the best wines from around the world. On occasion with our Vine and Dine event, we also feature an exclusive wine tasting or wine pairing. We know that those who really appreciate a fine vino understand that the love of wine is a journey where you’re constantly exploring and discovering new tastes. Bottiglia loves being part of your adventure.

Cheers at Henderson Fine Italian Cuisine - Vine & Dine

A Special Dinner at Henderson’s finest Fine Italian Food

You can make a reservation for Vine and Dine Thursdays at Bottiglia anytime. But you’ll also want to keep an eye out for news of our special Vine & Wine dinners. Our wine dinner is a special event that takes Vine and Dine to a whole new level.

Our Vine and Dine Dinners are scheduled events and tie in with a special theme – like a night in France. When you RSVP to one of our wine dinners, you’ll have the opportunity to explore great wines, enjoy them with expert food pairing and sometimes share the evening with one of our special guests. Plus, the 50% wine offering still stands. Bottiglia is all about living life to its fullest, so we hold nothing back for our special Vine & Dine dinners.

Food and Wine Pairings at Bottiglia

For our special dinner events, we’ll prepare a special wine pairing menu that we know you’ll enjoy. But even if you show up for one of our regular Vine and Dine Thursdays, our menu is primed with rustic Italian dishes that offer an array of perfect compliments for the many wines on our menu.

Whatever wine you’re in the mood for on Vine and Dine Thursdays, Bottiglia offers a menu where you’ll find incredible Italian food that perfectly pairs with your selection. Maybe you’re in the mood for something a little lighter, like Burrata and Tomato Caprese or shrimp cocktail.

It could be that you’d prefer to enjoy savoring your wine by sharing plates of antipasti with a few of your favorite people. In this case, you might enjoy zucchini flowers, an antipasti misti platter, or char-grilled octopus. Which half off bottle of wine should you choose to go with your nibbles? Let the experts at Bottiglia offer up a few well paired selections. When you join us for Vine and Dine Thursdays, trust that you’ll never leave disappointed.

Start a New Tradition with Vine and Dine Thursdays

Bottiglia is known for their reputation of offering the best Italian Food in Henderson to every guest that walks through the door. When you come to our house, we treat you like the family you are. Our doors are open to you on our Vine and Dine Thursdays, all you need to bring is you, your smile and an appetite for 50% off wine and delicious rustic Italian food.

It’s time to start a new tradition at Bottiglia with our Vine and Dine Thursdays. And if you happen to be interested in one of our special Vine and Dine dinners, we’d be happy to tell you more about our next event. Just RSVP at Bottiglia today.