Why Bottiglia Is the Place to Spend Happy Hour in Green Valley Ranch

Longer, Warmer Days Mean It’s Time to Celebrate Happy Hour In Henderson on Bottiglia’s Patio

Have you noticed something happening lately? The birds are singing, the gentle breeze in the air is becoming a little warmer, and the sun seems to be shining a little brighter these days. While the weather is gorgeous year-round in our little corner of the world, there’s no denying what’s happening – spring is in full bloom and summer is but a whisper away.

As the days get a little longer, there are more hours of sunlight to enjoy – a refreshing treat after a long day of the typical grind. What better way to make the most of the season’s luscious weather than to head to your favorite Green Valley Ranch restaurant and enjoy happy hour on the patio?

If tantalizing nibbles, refreshing drinks and just the right amount of warm sunshine sounds likes the perfect combination, Bottiglia’s happy hour could be your version of heaven.

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Why Choose Bottiglia for Your Henderson Happy Hour?

With so many other food places in Henderson, why should you choose Bottiglia for happy hour? Well, lots of reasons but let’s start with the one where you’re interested in an experience, not just a good deal on drinks.

Bottiglia is a restaurant that features classic, rustic Italian fare. However, what you get from your experience with Bottiglia can’t be found in other local Italian restaurants. The atmosphere is bright, sunny and is truly reminiscent of a valley restaurant in the heart of Italy.

Enjoying happy hour on the Bottiglia patio is just like soaking up the sun outside a café in Italy. You’re surrounded by incredible beauty, enjoying the company of great friends while your taste buds come to life with specialty cocktails and fresh menu creations that fall outside the norm of happy hour fare.

happy hour in henderson nevada

Bottiglia’s Henderson Happy Hour Menu

At Bottiglia, we’re always looking for new ways to spark a passion for rustic Italian cuisine for our guests. We have a few things up our sleeve, including some plans to add a few exciting, new dishes to our menu that highlight the best of the season’s fresh local offerings. We know you can’t wait, but for now, let’s focus on our menu that will completely reinvent your happy hour experience.

Typical happy hour menus in the Las Vegas area often include standard “bar” fare. There’s a time and a place for these types of offerings but it isn’t on Bottiglia’s patio for happy hour.

The happy hour menu doesn’t stray from our commitment to serving you the most inspired rustic Italian cuisine. Zucchini flowers, wood baked crispy mozzarella and roasted tomato soup are just a few examples of the tasty nibbles you can enjoy on our patio.

Sounds great and your taste buds are watering, but we all know that happy hour isn’t complete without the perfect adult beverage. In addition to well drinks, house wines and Italian draft beers, our expert mixologists will happily create a specialty cocktail for you to enjoy while your soaking up the those extended hours of sunlight on a lazy, leisurely evening.

There’s no better way to enjoy the airy, serene atmosphere of our patio than with a cocktail made with prosecco. Our happy hour menu includes a Bellini made with prosecco and fresh white peach puree, a blood orange prosecco mimosa, and sgroppino – a cocktail crafted with prosecco, lemon sorbet and 50 bleu vodka.

If prosecco isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Our bartenders are more than happy to create something extra special for your happy hour, like an Endless Summer cocktail, which is aptly named and the perfect accompaniment for a summer night on the Bottiglia patio.

About Bottiglia

Located in the Green Valley Ranch, Bottiglia has become one of the favorite brunch places in the Las Vegas area. The atmosphere at Bottiglia is classic and sophisticate yet relaxed enough to allow you to get totally lost in the moments shared with great friends and amazing food.

You can enjoy happy hour on Bottiglia’s outdoor patio, which is open yet intimate space and overlooks the blissfully serene landscape of the Las Vegas Dessert. A fire pit welcomes you as you enter the patio and adds a touch of intimacy to the surroundings, and a little warmth for after the sun sets on those cooler Vegas nights.

Bottiglia’s happy hour menu is available Monday through Friday from 5 to 7 pm and offers authentic Italian nibbles along with $7 drink specials that also include high end specialty cocktails. If you’re ready to unwind, enjoy the lingering Las Vegas sunshine and experience happy hour as it is meant to be, join us at Bottiglia. Stop by for happy hour or make a reservation for dinner or our brunch service today.