Valentine’s Day Dinner in Henderson at Bottilglia

Valentine’s Day Dinner in Henderson at Bottilglia

Come Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Bottiglia

Now that February is here, we all know it means one big holiday is on the horizon—Valentine’s Day. Whether you are single, casually dating, married or anything in between—Valentine’s Day is typically a pretty big deal, and it typically requires you to make some type of plans. Here at Bottiglia, we know that Valentine’s Day is a big deal, and that you want to not only spend it with someone you care about, but you actually want to enjoy your Valentine’s Day experience as well.

Drugstore chocolates, grocery store flowers and an overpriced, corny dining experience—aren’t going to make for a memorable Valentine’s Day. We know that if you want to have a great Valentine’s Day, you need to start with a great meal. This is why there is no better place in Las Vegas to spend February 14ththan Bottiglia.

This year, at Bottiglia, we are hosting a special Valentine’s Day event with a one-of-a-kind menu that is only available for this holiday. You will feel like you are actually in Italy with this Valentine’s Day menu and our authentic Italian cuisine.


Here’s what is on the menu for our Valentine’s Day event.

  • Starter:

    Half Dozen Oysters and a Bottle of Prosecco- Nothing goes together quite like Prosecco and oysters. This is the perfect way to get you in the mood for a great Valentine’s Day dinner and a memorable evening.

  • Entrees:

    We have three specialty entrees available: Filet Mignon a la Oscar which features king crab, and charred Brussel sprouts.

We also have the Frutti Di Mare- Which is a delicious seafood pasta dish served on a bed of Fettuccini alfredo.

Finally, there is the Baked Stuffed Whole Lobster for Two- This is served with Basil Crab Stuffing and lemon.

  • Dessert:

    No Valentine’s Day dinner celebration is complete without a dessert. We have Red Velvet Tiramisu available for Valentine’s Day, which is the perfect way to end off a delicious and romantic dinner.

You can enjoy all of these great dishes right here at Bottiglia on Valentine’s Day. However, remember, our specialty Valentine’s Day menu is only available on Thursday, February 14th. This is the only time you will get to enjoy our specialty menu, so come down to Green Valley Ranch and enjoy a taste of Italy right here at Bottiglia.