Unbelievable Pasta Trivia

Unbelievable Pasta Trivia

Here at Bottiglia, it is safe to say that we love pasta. Just one look at our menu, and you will see just how much we love all things pasta. This is why we have taken the time to create some of the most inventive pasta dishes out there for all of our guests. In honor of our love of pasta, we have decided to compile some of our favorite fun facts about pasta. So, next time you want to impress your friends with your pasta knowledge go ahead and share these facts to show just how deep your love of pasta goes.

Pasta Was First Eaten in China

Sure, Italy is hailed as the pasta capital of the world, but did you know that the first reports of pasta was in China, not in Italy. These reports date go way back in history, with the first reports of individuals eating pasta comes as early as 5,000 BC.

We Can All Thank Thomas Jefferson for Pasta in America

Did you know that among all of his big accomplishments that Thomas Jefferson was the first person to bring pasta to America? He did this back in 1789. While many people surely know him as being the third president of the United States, we may forever know Thomas Jefferson as the reason we get to enjoy pasta here in the U.S.

There Are More Shapes Than You Think

We all know some of the basic pasta shapes, such as spaghetti, Fettucini and lasagna, but if you know that there are actually 600 different shapes of pasta? This data comes from the International Pasta Organization, so it must be true!

Pasta trivia

Spaghetti is the Most Popular Noodle in America

According to studies, spaghetti is the favorite pasta for Americans. Second place is penne and then it is rotini.

Italians Eat More Pasta Than You Thought

It should come as no surprise, that Italy consumes more pasta than any other country. However, you may be surprised to find just how much pasta this country eats. While Italy may not be the biggest country in the world, according to the International Pasta Organization, if Italians ate all of their pasta in spaghetti, in a single year, they would eat 600 million kilometers of this noodle. How much is that? Enough spaghetti to wrap around the globe 15,000 times.

Have pasta on the mind now? We have you covered. Come visit us at your favorite Henderson Italian Restaurant Bottiglia to try some of our favorite pasta dishes today! In fact, safe to say, the fact that we have so many great pasta dishes may just be our favorite fun fact about pasta ever!