Try These Tasty Treats at Bottiglia This January!

Try These Tasty Treats at Bottiglia This January!

Delicious Desserts Make Dining out Divine, Every Time 

The first month of the year can be difficult for many reasons. We all have to learn a new date to write–literally overnight–and struggle with getting it right for what feels like months. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the first month of the year is usually also the coldest. And yes, for Las Vegans, who are used to temps in the 100s, an average high of 59 degrees in January is frigid. Then there are those who are masochistic and make New Year’s resolutions where they attempt things like dieting and Dry January. For those trying to survive and also those whose goal is to thrive this challenging month of the year, come try these limited-time tasty treats at Bottiglia for a little boost! 

Keeping It Crisp 

Bottilglia always does things in style, which is why the seasonal Tiramishoe is always as dashing as it is delicious. This month, the signature dapper dessert is an Apple Crisp. This stiletto streusel atop an apple pie filling shall deliver thee from evil and take you straight to Eden. Instagram user sassogril commented on Bottiglia’s reel of this heavenly heel that they “(j)ust had it on Saturday…it was amazing!” Another user, lucklalau, got to the tiramishoe sale early, saying in mid-January that they, “had it a couple weeks ago” and it was “absolutely delicious.” If you need to see it to believe it, peep this pump here on Bottiglia’s Instagram. 

This Bun is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

What did the Banana say when it found out it was full of potassium? “K.” If you’re not a science nerd, then just know that potassium is good for you and bananas are a great source of it, which is why you can totally justify Bottiglia’s Bananas Foster Sticky Bun at brunch. It’s a mouth-watering sweet bread topped with a sauce derived from butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon then drenched with dark rum and banana liquor that is set aflame. The liquor burns down into a crispy crystal finish that is served over ice cream. It’s a Bottigla brunchie’s dream available all of January. Bottiglia’s usual sticky bun is still available, so it’s probably best to just get both. Technically, you’re “sticking” to your diet. It’s right there in the name. Check out Instagram for a little drool-worthy preview to help you rationalize.  

If you’re still keeping it high and dry this January, don’t forget about Bottiglia’s Zero Proof Libations available for $12 the entire month. It’s easier to keep off the sauce if you’re allowing yourself to have an alternative, and either three of these magnificent mocktails will suffice. There’s the minty Amore Giordino, the robust and mysterious Fiori Nero, or the punchy What A Peach to keep you satisfied and gratified while staying dry. The best part about these Zero Proof Libations is that they’re 100% a great excuse to splurge on dessert! 

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