Toast Your Tipplers: Celebrate National Bartender Day at Bottiglia

Toast Your Tipplers: Celebrate National Bartender Day at Bottiglia

Bottiglia Has The Best Bartenders In The Biz 

Where would the world be without bartenders? They serve us drinks when we’re down and always try to keep our spirits up. Some bartenders are practically therapists, and they do it all with a smile. That’s why we’re celebrating National Bartender Day at Bottiglia–to lift our glasses to those who keep them filled and make us feel fulfilled. Stop in at Bottiglia this Thursday, December 2nd to show yourself and our best barkeeps some love. Enjoy this feature of one of Bottiglia’s finest, and drink in how they help make Bottiglia the best Italian restaurant in Henderson!

Master Mixologist 

Name: Stephanie 

Nickname: Steph 

Hometown: Panorama City, California, and I moved to Vegas 1.5 years ago 

Star Sign: Libra 

Tenure at Bottiglia: A year

Favorite Drink on the menu: I love to make the Italian margarita 

Favorite Wine: The Daou Cabernet is a great red wine

Favorite Menu Item: I am very much a dessert girl, so I love the chocolate coconut bread pudding. If I had to choose one of the entrees, then I’d go with the Mushroom Tagliatelle 

Favorite Part About Bartending: For me, it’s definitely interacting with guests

Best Bartending Memory: On the Saturday after Thanksgiving (which is a very busy day), a guest bought a bottle of Dom Perignon during brunch…and then tipped $500!

Bartending Pet Peeve: People that are not polite

Bartending Perks: Drinking makes people happy, and it’s amazing to make people happy

Funniest Thing You’ve Witnessed While Bartending: A month ago a lady poured a glass of water on her boyfriend’s head, and then just walked out in total silence… 


Thank you, Steph, for sharing and for all that you do for Bottiglia’s fabulous team and amazing clientele! You are very appreciated! 


Take a peek at some of Steph’s favorite dishes or even catch some of them being made on Instagram