Take Dad to Bottiglia, the Best Italian Restaurant in Henderson

Take Dad to Bottiglia, the Best Italian Restaurant in Henderson

Celebrate Father’s Day at Bottiglia, the Best Italian Restaurant in Henderson

Dads–they love us, support us, sometimes bail us out of jail, and are usually weirdly excited when they get socks as a gift. They bring out our best, so it’s only fair to bring them to the best. Tell Dad to take off his Grills Gone Wild apron and lace-up his whitest New Balance sneakers, because you’re taking him to Bottiglia, the best Italian Restaurant in Henderson, this Father’s Day to treat him like the king he is. 

Every Dad Loves a Deal

If your dad doesn’t grumble every time he reaches for his wallet, is he even a dad? On Father’s Day, Bottiglia is going to stoke not poke the bear with free draft beer for all dads. If Pop doesn’t have to pay for his Peroni, he may even be talked into the Blackberry Cobbler Shoe topped with Vanilla Custard and Streusel, bringing out the sweet side of that big ole’ grizzly. 

Great Cut for the Grill Master

Dads are simple creatures. All they want is a square meal, a nap, and someone to laugh at their corny jokes once in a while. That’s why Bottiglia’s Father’s Day special, Bistecca a La Fiorentina, is a juicy grilled Porterhouse with rosemary potatoes. A nice cut of meat for a guy who’s a cut above the rest. 

Mom Will Like It Too

Let’s be real, “Happy Wife, Happy Life” applies 365 days of the year. With the stunning decor and robust wine list, Mom will be happy with Bottiglia once she walks in the door. There are plenty of delicious and healthy entrees for her to wine pair while she lets down her hair. The fresh Chilean Sea Bass or Zucchini Flowers with lemon ricotta and black garlic yogurt is delectable. She’ll be so content she might not even comment on whatever shirt your dad isn’t supposed to be wearing–the cherry on top of a meal your dad will never forget!  

Experience the Ultimate Day for Dads at the Best Italian Restaurant in Henderson

Give the gift of Italian fare without the plane fare this Father’s Day by making a reservation at Bottiglia, the Best Italian Restaurant in Henderson.