Six Rules For Successful Patio Dining

Six Rules For Successful Patio Dining

Now that the weather is finally starting to heat up, there is no better time to start enjoying some seasonal patio dining. During the spring and summer a nice meal outside on a beautiful patio can make for the perfect evening. However, the outdoor dining experience can be vastly different than eating indoors, so if you want to make the most of this experience, there are a few rules you should follow for patio dining success.

1)Be Ready for the Weather

There are so many people who love the idea of sitting outside if it’s warm enough, but just don’t think about some of the other weather issues that may plague their outdoor dining experience. If you plan on eating on the patio, be prepared for the weather and be ready to handle whatever Mother Nature may throw at you. It may be so hot, your water glass sweats likes it’s leaking or so windy that your menus and napkins won’t stay in place. It won’t always be perfect, but if you’re ready to go with the flow, it can be fun.

2)Try to Find a Spot in the Shade

Sitting in the sun may seem like a great idea on those first few warm days of spring, but chances are, you are going to regret that decision over time. Your food may melt or get too warm too fast, and the ice in your drinks may melt too quickly with that little extra sun time. Talk to your hostess, most outdoor establishments will have plenty of shady spots and umbrellas ready to ensure you have the best dining experience possible. If you want to make the experience even better, dress for the occasion.

3)Understand There Are Things That Can’t Be Controlled

Even the most established restaurant and the most experienced patio diner can’t control certain things about their patio dining experience. Sometimes a bug may get too close or a leaf may land on your food, but it doesn’t mean it needs to ruin your dining experience. Try to go with the flow and enjoy that you get to eat outdoors.

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4)Be Patient

Every server and staff member is always going to do their best to give their patrons the best dining experience possible, but sometimes it may be more difficult when guests are eating on the patio. In many situations, the kitchen is extra far away from the patio so it may take a few extra moments for servers to get to and from their outdoor tables. A little patience and understanding can go a long way in these situations.

5)Don’t Leave Your Payment on the Table

Many diners love to pay in cash, and many restaurants love to accept cash payments. However, that doesn’t mean that you should just leave cash on the table when you are dining on the patio. That refreshing breeze outside may blow away your cash, or even your credit card voucher, so make sure you just hand your payments directly to your server.

6)Look Where You Are Sitting

One thing about patio dining that every guest should be aware of is the patio furniture that has been sitting out on that patio. While most servers will try to do their best to keep the patio furniture clean, safe and ready for use, take a moment to look at the chairs and tables you are sitting on to make sure they aren’t too wet, covered with pollen and leaves or too hot from sitting in the sun. Of course, if there is an issue with your seat, your server should be more than happy to help you out.

These rules for success with patio dining can go a long way when it comes to your outdoor dining experience. Now that you are prepared with these rules and tips it’s time to come into Bottiglia for the best Vegas brunch or happy hour – pick a seat and enjoy the beautiful weather of the area as you patio dine in style.

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