Let Bottiglia Host Your Thanksgiving This Year

Let Bottiglia Host Your Thanksgiving This Year

Tired of cooking at Thanksgiving and worrying about cleaning your house and preparing for guests? We don’t blame you! We know just how difficult hosting Thanksgiving can be and how it can take away from your time with your friends and family.

This year, instead of spending your entire day working in the kitchen and cooking tirelessly to create a meal for your loved ones, let us step in and let the pros at Bottiglia do the hard work for you. It’s time to enjoy Thanksgiving this year and Bottiglia is going to be your host.

We are taking hosting duties and having our own Thanksgiving for all of those who are tired of spending their Thanksgiving cooking and hosting and who instead want to spend time with their loved ones and enjoy their meal without the work.

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This year, on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 23rd we will be taking on Thanksgiving cooking and hosting duties for our customers. We will have a special menu just for Thanksgiving day and will be bringing in some new menu items and classic Thanksgiving dishes just for this special event.

Our Thanksgiving Dinner special is just $55 and it starts with your choice of soup or salad. Try our seasonal butternut squash soup or opt for our endive and blue cheese salad, made with almonds and tart apple dressing. For your main course, you can enjoy our organic tom turkey dinner, served with turkey gravy, whipped potatoes and chestnut and apple stuffing. If you’re not in the mood for turkey try our honey baked ham, served with maple glazed yams, burnt marshmallows and our potatoes and gravy.

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Of course, we will also end the meal with desert, with your choice of pumpkin spiced cheesecake or classic roasted granny smith apple pie. Want more sides? Don’t worry, we have you covered. We know that everyone is particular about which Thanksgiving sides that they love so we have a number of classics available a la carte. Choose from mashed potatoes, corn bread stuffing, carrots and squash, Brussle sprouts or creamed kale.

Of course, we will also be having plenty of libations for our guests, whether you want a glass of wine or a crafted cocktail! It’s a holiday and it’s meant for relaxing! Plus, when you’re done there’s no clean up to worry about, so you can go ahead and treat yourself to a second glass and really unwind.

Remember, our Thanksgiving event is going to be happening only on Thanksgiving Day, so ditch your hosting plans now and plan on coming down to Bottiglia, a Henderson restaurant, for our special offering. Plus, when you’re done its no clean up, no dishes and no entertaining—just the ability to spend some stress-free time with those that you love the most all while enjoying a delicious meal.

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