How to Eat Healthy at Henderson Restaurant Bottiglia

How to Eat Healthy at Henderson Restaurant Bottiglia

If you thought that eating Italian was all about carbo-overloading and eating unhealthy—then think again. Here at Bottiglia, your favorite Henderson restaurant,  we know the truth about Italian food—that it should be made with real, fresh, ingredients and that it can be healthy. If you love Italian food, but are looking to stay healthy while you eat it, we have just the menu items for you here. At Bottiglia we believe that real authentic Italian cuisine should be for everyone, whether you are looking for something decadent and filling or something light and healthy.

This is why we are happy to highlight some of our healthiest food items available on our menu right now.

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Roasted Beat Salad

Our roasted beat salad is one of our favorite salad items. It not only makes a great starter, but you can add fresh grilled chicken or shrimp on to this salad and make it a healthy, balanced meal. Our beat salad features hazelnuts, honey, buffalo milk yogurt and fresh blue cheese.

Burrata and Tomato Caprese

This salad isn’t just a healthy option, it is also gluten-free and vegan as well. This classic Italian dish, gets a fresh new twist at Bottiglia and features marinated heirloom tomatoes, torn burrata, pistachios and of course, aged balsamic. It is fresh, flavorful and perfect as a meal, starter or to share.

Eggplant Parmesan

If you love the flavor of filling Italian dishes like lasagna, but don’t love all of the carbs that come with pasta, then our eggplant parmesan is for you. We make ours with buffalo mozzarella, basil and san Marzano. It is a great vegetarian option as well.



Just because we are an Italian restaurant, it doesn’t mean we don’t love seafood and coastal cuisine. This is why we have a menu filled with shellfish options. Fresh seafood is nutrient-rich and a healthy option whenever you eat out. Try our oysters, shrimp cocktail or share our grand shellfish tower with your group.

Grilled Salmon

In the world of healthy food, very few dishes can compare to fresh salmon. After all salmon is filled with so many vitamins and nutrients it is something you can truly feel good about eating. Here at Bottiglia, we allow the flavor of our fresh salmon to stand out on its own by serving it grilled with a light lemon herb vinaigrette. We also serve it with healthy chick peas and quinoa salad for a truly guilt-free meal.

Wood Roasted Sides

Looking for a healthy side dish to munch-on or add to your meal? We have you covered with our healthy wood roasted sides. We have wood roasted cauliflower served with mint, pine nuts and balsamic, wood roasted artichokes served with lemon, parsley and salsa verde. Finally, there are our famous wood roasted brussel sprouts. This vegan side dish is made with hazelnuts, pomegranate and ricotta salad and is so good it is a true must try whenever you visit us.

Feeling inspired? Come in to Bottiglia and see for yourself how eating out doesn’t have to mean straying from your healthy eating plan. You can enjoy real, delicious Italian food, guilt-free right here in our stunning Las Vegas restaurant. Chances are you will love our healthier options so much, you’ll have a whole new outlook on what eating healthy can mean.