Have Yourself A Nice Little Saturday with Craft and Be Merry at Bottiglia

Have Yourself A Nice Little Saturday with Craft and Be Merry at Bottiglia

Don’t Pout Or Cry: Santa Claus Is Coming to Bottiglia on December 17th!

Christmas is a magical time of year for children as they learn the spirit of the season via the one and only Santa Claus. While it’s a right of passage for kids to wait in line for a turn sitting on Santa’s lap, sometimes it can be a bit anxiety-inducing or terrifying for those nuggets who need a little time to warm up before they perch atop a stranger. While this produces some hilarious photos for the adults, it probably doesn’t outweigh the traumatic experience for the tots. Instead, gather up the fam and bring them to Craft and Be Merry at Bottgilia on Saturday, December 17th, for a fun-filled, interactive experience hosted by Santa Claus from 10 AM-3 PM, giving your littles a lot of time to come out of their shells to create life-long Christmas memories.   

Santa’s Little Helpers

Kids always love to help out, especially when they know Santa is reviewing his naughty or nice list. Unfortunately, their aesthetic execution–or hand-washing–isn’t usually Pinterest-level perfect, and there are only so many headless reindeer cookies you can serve to your guests without it ruining the vibe. Craft and Be Merry at Bottiglia has individual cookie decorating for each child so that they can let their creative juices (and bodily fluids) run wild. You can snap the perfect pic of the process and the finished product, and your junior baker gets their just adorable desserts. Just make sure that when they ask Santa if they want him to leave out something similar for him on Christmas Eve that you have enough milk for him to really wash it down. 

Sugar Fixed

While I’m sure your children would be just fine only eating cookies, the Craft and Be Merry at Bottiglia event comes with a kids’ brunch item for a well-rounded, holiday meal. Don’t forget there’s a brunch menu for adults too! Want a way for your kids to burn off all that sugar and Santa excitement? Take them to one of the three Kid’s Quest locations nearby and use the special discount from Bottiglia! There’s a range of activities for kids six weeks to 12 years old such as a karaoke star stage, creation lab, climbing wall, and more! By the end of the day, your children will definitely be nestled safe in their beds with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.