Good Taste Is In This Dry January at Bottiglia

Good Taste Is In This Dry January at Bottiglia

Bottiglia 100% Has Your Back This Month With Their Zero Proof Libations 

This Dry January at Bottiglia, they have ways for you to keep your dine on while abstaining from wine, beer, and so on! Per Good Morning America, 74% of Americans who attempted Dry January in 2021 made it through unscathed and without any slip-ups. Some of the keys to success for Dry January or consuming less alcohol overall are to find mindful substitutes, make it fun, and have a support system. With Bottiglia’s Zero Proof Libations available for $12 the entire month, you’ve got your Dry January on lock! With these mouth-watering mocktails, Bottiglia is the best restaurant in Summerlin to wet your whistle this Dry January.

Amore Giardino

You’ll definitely fall in love at first sip when you try the Amore Giardino. With Fevertree cucumber soda, mint, basil, lemon, orgeat, and an adorable garnish of mint ears and a cucumber slice, you’ll be feeling nice and refreshed in a flash of this glass. Due to its refreshing taste, the Amore Giardino is if you are looking to sip, but it also pairs well with seafood like oysters on the half shell or the Chilean Sea Bass. The Amore Giardino is so good, it’s entirely possible you could make this January fling into a full-on relationship thing. 

Fiori Nero

If you’re feeling in the mood to brood over giving up booze for a month, then definitely order the Fiori Nero to take the confidence in your decision back to 100 from zero. Meaning black flowers in Italian, the Fiori Nero has a more robust and zesty taste that is reminiscent of darker liquors and ales. It’s carefully concocted with Fevertree Sicilian Lemon Soda, hibiscus syrup, blackberries, and mint with an additional blackberry and mint garnish. It’s excellent with heavier protein dishes like the Bistecca Fiorentina or the Lamp Chops. It’s also a delicious digestif to have with your dessert.  

What a Peach

If you thought Dry January was going to mean having to forego brunch, think again! C’est sacrilège! The Marvelous Mrs. Mocktail What a Peach is here to brighten your day in a fabulous way. With white peach puree, rosemary, and sprite, with a garnish of rosemary and berries, you’ll still be able to have some bubbles for brunch and check items off of your weekend to-do list. Since you’re behaving yourself with beverages, go ahead and splurge with some pancakes that will put a big old smile on your face. After you have a What a Peach, your disposition will match your drink. 


You can match more menu items with your mocktails by checking out Bottiglia’s menu, or catch a glimpse of these Zero-Proof Libations on Instagram