Fun Facts About Italian Food

Fun Facts About Italian Food

What You Didn’t Know About Italian Food

Many of the things you might think of as “Italian” Food are American takes, such as Chicken Alfredo Fettuccine. But the authentic Italian food is much better (and better for you). You might have grown up with a kitchen bustling with an Italian family, had a memorable year abroad in Italy you are trying to capture in your home, or just discovered authentic Italian food. In any case, here are some facts you probably don’t know. 

The next time you head out for Italian Food in Henderson, you can wow your friends and loved ones with these facts, and maybe even pick up a few more along the way! 

Lunch is the Biggest Meal

For most of us, we wait until dinner, but the Italians focus their dining efforts on lunch. They typically have a pasta dish as their main course, then a meat dish, a small salad, fruit plate, and dessert–and of course some coffee with milk. 

Always Sit for Meals

If you’ve ever been to Italy, you know how hard it can be to find a quick food stand. That’s because it’s customary to sit for meals and never eat/walk concurrently, even if you don’t linger after the meal. So make like the Italians and take a load off while you let someone else prepare your food.

The Pizza was for the Poor

Just as lobster was once given to poor dockworkers in America, pizza was once the food of the poor in Naples. Initially, there was Neapolitan pizza, also from Naples, that took the form of flatbread with toppings, sold as street food for the poor. Pizza restaurants did not become official until 1738. Incidentally, the myth behind pizza is that Italian soldiers of old were fighting one day at war, and when they stopped they were so hungry that the gods gave them a plate with food and they ate everything–including the dish. Hence pizza was born. Whatever the case, you haven’t lived until you’ve had authentic, simple Italian pizza prepared in its final steps on top of the stove.

Holidays have Special Menus

For Christmas, a five-course meal is likely in your midst complete with things like veal with a cream sauce, fish galore, plates overrun with firmly aged parmesan and cured meat, roasted meats, Panduro and more.

For Easter, you would find things like Torta Pasqualina, Easter Eggs, Lamb as the main dish, Salami with boiled eggs, pizza, and scarcella and Fiadoni. 

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Parties End the Same

When Italians have large holiday parties, it is a tradition to end them, for those stragglers who partied the hardest, with a plate of plain spaghetti pasta, garlic, and olive oil for good luck. And when the New Year arrives, everyone toasts with Prosecco. 

There is indeed a great deal to learn about Italian cuisine, so why not start by heading down to Bottiglia for authentic Italian Food in Henderson. 

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