Five Perfect Food and Wine Pairings for Your Next Dinner

Five Perfect Food and Wine Pairings for Your Next Dinner

When it comes to enjoying a nice, filling dinner, especially for a special occasion, finding the right wine to fit with your meal is key. The right glass, or bottle, of wine can really compliment your main dish, help bring out the flavors of your meal and even enhance the wine as you sip it. However, most people simply aren’t aware of which wines pair best with certain main courses.

If you are looking to make the most of your next outing, make sure that you are paying close attention to the type of wine that you order with your meal, as you may be surprised by how much of a difference it can make. With this in mind, here are five perfect food and wine pairings that you can try next time you have a special night out on the town.

1)Fresh Shellfish

Whether you prefer fresh, raw oysters or are more of a shrimp fan, when it comes to finding a wine pairing that goes with shellfish, white wine is the rule. While, today people are trying new fish pairings, it has always been an old rule of thumb that white wine goes best with fish, especially shellfish.

If you are eating raw oysters, try a California sparkling wine or a dry Riesling. For shrimp and prawns, a Sauvignon Blanc from France or California will really enhance the flavor of your dish. One of the more difficult types of shellfish to pair with has always been lobster. If you want to bring out the flavor in your lobster dish, give a crisp Chardonnay a try.

2)Savory Chicken

A hearty, savory, roasted chicken makes a great filling meal. Now, what type of wine do you pair with it? If you want to really enhance the flavor or your chicken go for a Pinot Noir. Typically, one that has some more toasty or smoky oak flavors in it will typically go best not only with roasted chicken but with any fowl. A great rule of thumb with roasted chicken is to always go with a fruit-driven red wine for the best pairing.

Roasted Chicken

3)Hearty Marinara Pasta

If you want to get your fill with a hearty pasta covered in sweet marinara, then you will also want to make sure that you have the right glass of wine to go with it. Paying attention to the pasta sauce instead of just the pasta in general is always key with wine pairings. If you are enjoying a tomato-based, rustic pasta, then a medium-bodied red wine is the way to go. Look at blends or Zinfandels. A great rule of thumb with red pastas is the more richness you add, such as adding meat and cream to the pasta, the more body you should add to your glass of wine.

4)Braised Veal

A fresh braised veal chop can be a great special occasion dinner and as you order your veal you want to make sure that you are ordering the right glass of wine with it. Red grape wines are great with this meat, so try a glass of Pino Noir. However, if you are going with veal birds you will want something lighter or Veal Marsala, you will want more of a Spanish Red with your meal.

5)Prime Cut Steak

Nothing says special occasion meal quite like a prime cut of steak. As for the wine that you pair with your cut of beef, make sure to go with something like a Pinot Noir or an aged Cabernet, especially if you are going with a cut with more fat in it like a fillet. If you are more of a T-Bone or Rib Eye person, these wines will also pair well, or you can try a Malbec with your meal to bring out the flavor.

While everyone is different when it comes to the type or style of wine that they prefer, there is nothing quite like enjoying a meal that has the perfect wine pairing. Come into your favorite Henderson Italian Restaurant, Bottiglia and give these suggestions a try and you may find yourself opened up to a whole new world of wine suggestions that you never considered before.

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