Enjoy The Best Oyster Deals in Henderson Nevada at Bottiglia Oyster Tuesdays

Enjoy The Best Oyster Deals in Henderson Nevada at Bottiglia Oyster Tuesdays

Oysters in Henderson, Nevada

There are so many restaurants around Henderson that serve raw oysters. However, if you are looking for the best oyster deals in town on the freshest raw oysters, then there is no better place to go than Bottiglia. Here at Bottiglia, many patrons know about our fresh, chef-inspired cuisine. However, they don’t realize that we are also specialize in fresh seafood.

This is why every Tuesday we have Oyster Tuesday with $1 fresh oysters. They are freshly shucked and ready to be enjoyed. We have a rotating selection of oysters, but no matter where we get our fresh oysters at you can rest assured that they are some of the best available and that they are always delicious.

You can come and enjoy as many oysters as you like or even pair our fresh oysters with some of our delicious cocktails. Whether you are in the mood for a refreshing glass of Rose, a nice cold beer or a refreshing cocktail, we have a large menu of beverages that pair perfectly with fresh oysters. We also have other raw shellfish available such as our shrimp cocktail, if you are really in the mood for seafood.

While many people come to Bottiglia to enjoy as many oysters as they can on Tuesdays, many of our patrons also come to start with a fresh oyster appetizer. Once you begin with some fresh oysters and some appetizers, you can continue your meal with some delicious entrees that are sure to compliment these fresh oysters. We recommend our Chicken Picatta, Pan Roasted Halibut or our Vegan Eggplant Parm. No matter what you choose, we know that splitting some oysters before these meals is a great appetizer and a fun dish for everyone to share.

Whether you prefer oysters fresh with a squeeze of lemon, topped with cocktail sauce or served with some crackers and horseradish, we have fresh oysters that we know you will love. So come down to Bottiglia this Tuesday and take advantage of this special deal. Our osyters are only $1, all Tuesday long.

Bottiglia is located at the Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nevada. Come enjoy our oyster deal in our stunning restaurant or outdoors on our expansive patio. We have one of the most beautiful outdoor patios in the area. Trust us, you don’t want to miss these views.

Now that you have oysters on the brain its time to come down to Bottiglia and take advantage of this deal for yourself. Oyster Tuesdays happens every Tuesday here at Bottiglia some make your plans for a visit this week!