Date Night Tips for Ordering the Perfect Meal for Two

Date Night Tips for Ordering the Perfect Meal for Two

If you are planning a romantic date night for two, then ordering the right meal can make all of the difference in how your special evening turns out. You want to make sure that you order something that will enhance your dining experience and your evening to ensure it is one to remember. No matter what type of food you normally prefer, or what type of date you are on, here are some great, romantic suggestions that may help ensure you are ordering the perfect meal.

A Bottle of Wine
If you want to start your evening off right, then a bottle of wine is a great option for a romantic evening. A nice bottle of wine can help set the mood, and sharing can give you something to talk about and discuss. When ordering a bottle of wine before dinner, make sure that you ask about your partner’s preferences and consider what you are planning on ordering. You can even ask your waiter for a great pairing for your meal so you can enhance the dinner options you choose.

Oysters are a great way to start off any meal. They aren’t only a delicious delicacy, but they are also an aphrodisiac, meaning they are perfect for a romantic evening. Ordering fresh, raw oysters to share is sure to set the mood for your evening. Plus, if you haven’t tried them before it can be a great adventure for you and your dinner companion.

Steaks are such a great meal to order for a romantic evening. Plus, a large steak can be the perfect dish to share for two if you don’t have a huge appetite. A properly cooked, great cut of meat can be a great highlight of your meal and a great dish for any special occasion. If you are splitting make sure that you are able to order it prepared the way both of you will enjoy. Splitting steaks or splitting any other entrée is always a fun part of a romantic night out.

An Exotic Appetizer
Appetizers are great choice for a special night out or a romantic evening. However, instead of trying a dip or standard appetizer, try something exotic. This can be something out-of-the-box such as octopus or something you have never tried before. It is a great way to make the evening memorable and it will give you and your date something to try, do and talk about as well.

Italian Desserts

Dessert For Two
Want to end a perfect night off with a sweet treat? Then desert is the way to go. Make sure to get something you can share and enjoy together, whether it’s a cake, tarte or ice cream. Sharing is always a smart way to build a bond during a romantic evening.

What to Avoid
There is no wrong dish to order on a romantic night out, you want to keep in mind that messy dishes such as spaghetti pasta or ribs can sometimes be a challenge when you are enjoying a special occasion. After all, nothing can ruin the mood of a formal, romantic evening quite like a spill on your shirt so keep this in mind when you are placing your order and try to avoid dishes that may be messy.

Keep these dinner options in mind. The more effort you put into ordering a romantic dinner for two, the better off your entire evening will be. Now, all you need to do come in to your favorite Green Valley Restaurant, Bottiglia and sit back, relax and enjoy your special meal with that special someone.