Come Celebrate Girls Night Out Every Wednesday at Bottiglia

Come Celebrate Girls Night Out Every Wednesday at Bottiglia

Who doesn’t love a fun night out with just your girlfriends? Planning for a girl’s night is always a great way to get some of your nearest and dearest together for some fun. Well at Bottiglia we want you to start turning your Wednesday evenings into girl’s night with our new weekly specials.

There is no better way to celebrate hump day and to start welcoming in the end of the week than by taking a load off on Wednesday evenings. This is why every Wednesday at Bottiglia we are offering a complimentary bottle of wine for any group of four ladies or more.

Whether you prefer a cool crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a classic Chardonnay a deep red cab, or a refreshing bottle of Rose, we have plenty of bottles for you to choose from.

If you come in to Bottiglia and purchase an entrée, or four, for your group we will throw in the bottle of wine on the house. Plus, since you are dining at Bottiglia, you know you are going to have some of the best Italian-inspired dishes to choose from with your entree.

It is a great way to get your girls’ night started off, whether you are planning on having a relaxing bottle of wine to celebrate your Wednesday evening, or have plans to add a few more drinks into the mix. We have plenty of wines available served by the glass or by the bottle, a full bar of creative cocktails or even our liquid desserts—which are some of our personal favorites—we highly recommend the Icewine to top your night off.

This new promo is available every Wednesday evening, so instead of staying home during hump day, call three or more of your closest girlfriends and get ready for a fun night out on the town. We will have a bottle of wine waiting just for you.

Come by your favorite Henderson restaurant, Bottiglia and celebrate your next Girls Night Out!