Join the Family at Bottiglia for Our Special Thanksgiving Dinner

Join the Family at Bottiglia for Our Special Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving with Bottiglia

There’s something about Thanksgiving that holds a special place in our hearts. Many of us have memories of family getting up at the crack of dawn to prepare the turkey and pies that would be devoured later in the day. The morning and afternoon were both filled with watching parades, cheering through football games, gathering with friends and family, and inhaling all the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen. It’s traditions like these that make the holidays so special, and it’s also what makes breaking away from them a little difficult.

Many of us come from backgrounds where you just didn’t break away from tradition, but at Bottiglia we’d like to offer you the chance to create an entirely new tradition, one that will enable you to spend more of the special day spending time with the people you cherish most. At Bottiglia, we know it’s the moments that matter, which is just one reason why we’re opening our doors on Thanksgiving to offer you an incredible feast.

Thanksgiving at Bottiglia

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy Thanksgiving surrounded by the people you cherish, without a care in the world about cooking, cleaning, or hosting the event in your home? This year, we’d like to welcome you into our home at Bottiglia to celebrate this wonderful day. To entice you to leave the stress of planning a holiday meal behind, we’ve created a Thanksgiving menu that features a decedent three course meal that is simply decadent.

If you’re worried that breaking away from your Thanksgiving tradition means you won’t get to enjoy all your favorite Thanksgiving Day indulgences, trust that we would never leave any detail of one of the year’s most famous meals unattended.

At Bottiglia, we have created a Thanksgiving menu that features all your favorites, along with choices to enhance your dining experience. Our culinary masters have taken the flavors of Thanksgiving and elevated your favorites to an entirely new level.

For the first course, you’ll have your choice of butternut squash soup with spiced crème fraiche and fried sage, or a tender seasonal salad of endive and blue cheese, blessed with a tart apple dressing. This first course is just enough to perk up your appetite and create a sense of anticipation over what comes next – the main course, which is the star of the show on Thanksgiving.

When you join Bottiglia for Thanksgiving, you have your choice of two delectable Thanksgiving main courses. The first is sage butter roasted turkey, with chestnut apple stuffing and giblet gravy. The second option is dry rubbed, slow roasted prime rib with horseradish cream and rosemary beef jus.

Of course, we couldn’t forget about dessert. The choices for the finale of your Thanksgiving meal include pumpkin cheesecake, or a roasted granny smith apple pie. All of this is included in the price of $55 per person, with an a la carte menu of some of your favorite sides available at an additional cost.

A Little Something Different for Thanksgiving

Of course, we want you to enjoy Thanksgiving with your friends and family your way. Maybe you’re not a Thanksgiving traditionalist, or just have an appetite for something different. In addition to our special Thanksgiving menu, our regular dinner menu will also be available with all the incredible Bottiglia favorites you have come to love.

At Bottiglia, you’re part of the family, which means you can enjoy your rustic Italian favorites from our regular dinner menu. How does baked gnocchi arrabbiata sound, or maybe our delicate king crab bucatini? Maybe top it all off with a decadent tiramisu? There really is no way to go wrong when joining Bottiglia for Thanksgiving.

Skip the Stress and Join Bottiglia for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite days of the year. It’s a time to gather with the people we cherish and be grateful for the many wonderful things in our life. While it’s always wonderful to gather in your home, or someone else’s, there’s something to be said about letting go of the stress of preparing and cleaning up after hosting Thanksgiving in your own home. This year let Bottiglia take care of the details, so that you can relax, and enjoy every moment of this incredibly special day with your friends and family.

You aren’t the only one thinking maybe that it’s time to create a new holiday tradition of Thanksgiving at Bottiglia, and this means spots at our table our filling up quickly. We want to share Thanksgiving day with you, so RSVP and make your Thanksgiving reservations at Bottiglia today.