Come Join Bottiglia for Our New Beauty Brunch

Come Join Bottiglia for Our New Beauty Brunch

Bottiglia Beauty Brunch

Here at Bottiglia we are always looking for new ways to honor our guests and to make sure they have the opportunity to enjoy some truly unique, one-of-a-kind events. We are always hosting new and exciting events right here at our Henderson Italian restaurant. This is why we are hosting a very special Sunday brunch right here at our restaurant to kick off our new regular brunch hours.

This year, Bottiglia Cucina and Enoteca is proud to offer a new brunch package, hosted by Chanel. Our Beauty Brunch is unlike any other you will find, and with the backing of a company like Chanel, you know it is going to be a chic event. Our Chanel Beauty Brunch has more than just delicious Bottiglia cuisine, that is always available on our brunch menu—it has so much more.

Henderson Sunday Brunch

Brunch Special

Our brunch package is just $35 and it includes the following: a 3-course brunch from our delectable menu of items, a spa day pass to the Green Valley Ranch Spa and a Chanel make up consultation. You will also get a pass for one class at Cyclebar and one class at Pilates and Yoga Studio. All of this is included with your single $35 purchase for our brunch.

Where else are you going to get all of these deals and a great brunch for one single ticket price?

Our Chanel Beauty Brunch is being kicking off on April 15th at 10:00 AM and runs until 3:00 PM. Space is limited for our brunches, so reservations are highly recommended. Make sure that you make your reservations now. The best part? Starting April 15th, we will have these special brunch hours every single Sunday starting at 10:00 AM. We’re now getting started earlier than ever with our brunch specials so make sure that you come nice and early to take advantage of our new hours.

Now that the weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, it is time to make your new lunch plans. Remember, longer days call for earlier brunch, so get started on your Sunday Funday with Bottiglia nice and early by joining us for this brunch every Sunday at 10:00 AM. This is a limited-time single event and is a one-time only opportunity to take advantage of all of these special offers.