Bottiglia Gives The Royal Treatment On National Princess Day

Bottiglia Gives The Royal Treatment On National Princess Day

Bottiglia Provides a Perfect Princess Experience This Friday, November 18th 

This Friday, November 18th, is National Princess Day–a day to celebrate the golden-hearted princess in all of us (yes, all of us. “Princess” is a state of mind). Created in 1994 by the studio that made the animated movie The Swan Princess, National Princess Day is for self-pampering and feeling like royalty but also embodying the kindness and grace associated with a princess. It’s basically like “Treat Yo Self and Treat Others Nice Too Day,” and there is no better place to get your Princess on in Henderson because Bottiglia gives the royal treatment every day of the year. 

Fairy Tale Setting  

Bottiglia already looks like a modern-day palace with its chic decor and lovely natural light. You could photoshop Princess Diana or Princess Grace Kelly right into Bottiglia and no one would bat an eye since it looks like a natural environment for them. Speaking of natural environment, the patio is so enchanting with its floral patterns and incorporation of nature that it is entirely possible a bird could just land on your finger, which is one of the many reasons why Bottiglia is the best place for outdoor dining in Summerlin. However, if the bird starts talking to you, then maybe examine whether you’ve had too many royal cocktails–make sure that Snow White is all right. 

Bedazzling Beverages  

Bottiglia has the most enchanting drink options that will make you feel like you’re on your own royal grounds. For starters, the Blooming Season Cocktail Trees are floral towers sporting four champagne flutes filled with either Cucumber Spritzers, Hibiscus Palomas, or Blackberry Mules that are perfect for sharing. Other shareables for larger princess parties are the Mega Melon Mule, Yacht Life, and Extra Okurr which are as cute as they are delicious. If you want to go the standard Princess and Pink route, then check out the options for Rose All Day. It’s the perfect way to stay in tune with the princess within. 

Have A Ball at Bottiglia 

Are you one of those princesses that just can’t help but break into song? Good news–you don’t have to Let It Go: Bottiglia has live music every Friday after 7 PM! You can sing along and just let the music be a part of your world. Don’t forget that Bottiglia has not one–but two–happy hours on Friday. The first one is from 4 PM to 6 PM with $8 food and drinks, perfect for the princess who hasn’t married that rich prince yet. The second is Reverse Happy Hour from 10 PM to 11 PM with half of drinks and wine, leaving you plenty of time to have a ball and make it home before turning into a pumpkin at midnight. Just make sure you leave with both of your shoes! 


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