Aw Shucks: Oyster Puns

Aw Shucks: Oyster Puns

Oysters are like cilantro: you either love them, or hate them. And as one of the only foods we eat that’s still alive (let’s try not to think about that) this dish is not for the faint of heart. But, did you know that, due to its high content of zinc, eating oysters actually helps strengthen your immune system, and also provide calcium, vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids, iron, and protein? They are also low in cholesterol as well, ergo, they are the best thing for your heart! 

Bottiglia Oysters

Of course, what Aphrodite is to love, oysters are to aphrodisiacs. Even after centuries of this age-old belief, it’s still unknown whether or not oysters affect libido—but its zinc content directly improves testosterone, making you want to shuck all the oysters. But, eating an oyster is the fable of seduction: embrace the creature with a tough exterior, examine it, finesse your way around its barriers, find its most fragile point where you can finally breach its shell; it opens up to you, revealing itself entirely, baring its fresh, delicate tissue at its core, betraying itself, with no hull to keep it guarded. Eat it raw, taste its soul.

Did it just get hot in here? Basically, eating an oyster is a giant entendre. But you didn’t come here to just enjoy the (food) porn, you came here for dad jokes!

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Come into your favorite Italian Restaurant in Henderson Bottiglia Enotica every Tuesday for our $1 Oyster Tuesdays, recharge your best puns, and shuck the haters.

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