5 Tools Found in an Authentic Italian Kitchen

5 Tools Found in an Authentic Italian Kitchen

Have you ever wondered what gives Italian food its unique appearance and taste? Maybe you want to replicate authentic Italian cooking right in your home kitchen. There are a number of tools that are specific to authentic Italian cooking, and you’ll need to make a few purchases to put them to use in your kitchen. Of course, you’ll also find those products in our Italian kitchen here at Bottiglia.

Bottiglia: A True Italian Restaurant

If you’re looking for the best Italian food in Henderson, Nevada, then you have to go to Bottiglia. Not only do we offer sophisticated Italian fare, we also have a comprehensive wine list that includes an array of choices straight from Napa/Sonoma, Italy, France and more.

Our Tuscan-style food is full of flavor and rich in tradition, both in terms of the ingredients used and the very way that we prepare each dish. Our kitchen is full of the same tools that you’ll find in an authentic Italian kitchen, and we use those tools to create authentic, delicious Italian food every day.

5 Traditional Italian Kitchen Tools

If you’re looking to outfit your kitchen for Italian cooking, consider these traditional Italian kitchen tools.

Pasta Machine

Handmade pasta is a must for Italian cooking, and pasta machines make it easy to press, cut, and create pasta. We use pasta machines daily at Bottiglia, and they help us to ensure pasta is the proper thickness, cut evenly, and prepared just right for you to enjoy.

Ravioli Cutter

A ravioli cutter adds style to your homemade ravioli, plus it ensures that each ravioli is the same size for ideal cooking. There’s nothing better than handmade ravioli, and pairing your pasta machine with a ravioli cutter will help you to create delicious ravioli just like a pro.

Wine Opener

At Bottiglia, wine openers are probably our most-used tools. Whether opening a bottle to incorporate wine into a dish or opening up a few bottles to have with your meal, a quality wine opener can help to make the process easier while also reducing the risk of damaging a cork or getting a cork stuck down within a bottle. You can purchase wine openers at a variety of price points, but if you anticipate frequently opening bottles of wine, splurging for a deluxe wine opener is well worth the investment.

right way to sauce pasta

Cheese Grater

Cheese is an essential element in so many Italian dishes, so a quality cheese grater will get plenty of use in your kitchen. Look for a grater that’s capable of handling harder cheeses, like parmesan, and ideally find a grater that allows you to choose the size of the shreds.

Wooden Spoon

Wooden spoons are an essential staple in any Italian kitchen. We rely on wooden spoons to stir sauces for a number of reasons. First, wooden spoons won’t melt at high temperatures, unlike plastic spoons. Wooden spoons also don’t have a metallic taste that some metal spoons can create, which helps to preserve the authentic flavor of the food. They don’t conduct heat and won’t scratch your pots, and are a long-lasting, durable choice.

There are countless other Italian kitchen tools on the market, so there are plenty of ways you can build out your kitchen depending on the specific dishes and types of food that you like to prepare. If you invest in quality tools, they’ll last you for years to come and will both improve your cooking and make the process easier.

What Makes Bottiglia Food So Delicious

At Bottiglia, we don’t just use traditional Italian kitchen equipment, we also invest in the freshest ingredients to give your food that characteristic and delicious flavor. Our herb-friendly cuisine includes antipasti, fresh fish, and our specialty papperdella Bolognese. With so many options on the menu you’ll have a hard time choosing just one dish to try.

While making Italian food at home is fun, it’s also a lot of work, and making traditional dishes like pasta can take up an entire afternoon, leaving you too tired to really enjoy the foods that you’ve worked so hard on. Let us save you the trouble so you can sit back and relax, enjoying your Italian meal. Make an RSVP now and come enjoy the authentic Italian dishes at Bottiglia.