5 Irresistible Pasta Dishes You’re Going to Love at Bottiglia

5 Irresistible Pasta Dishes You’re Going to Love at Bottiglia

Explore the Flavors of Italy with These 5 Pasta Dishes at Bottiglia

If there were ever a quintessential Italian dish, pasta would earn the title. The nice, firm bite of a perfectly cooked, fresh pasta. The way the sauce clings to each bite, bringing a rush flavors that remind you of the Italian countryside. There’s just something about a bowl of piping hot pasta straight from the kitchen that speaks to the heart – and the belly.

You have a few choices for pasta in Henderson, but nowhere will you find a pasta dish filled with so much authentic, rustic Italian flavor as you will at Bottiglia. Our pasta dishes have been created to highlight the very best of the Italian countryside, and one bite will leave you feeling like you’ve just stepped into your Italian grandmother’s kitchen.

Of course, once you settle into your seat at Bottiglia and begin to peruse the menu, you’ll find many options for amazing pasta dishes. So many in fact, that you may even have a hard time choosing just one. Our philosophy is that sharing is caring, so it’s best to bring in several of your favorite people and share a few different pasta dishes amongst yourselves.

Still, we know a few helpful recommendations are always welcome. To ensure you get the most out of your experience with Italian food in Henderson, here are 5 of our favorite, irresistible pasta dishes that you’ll find on the menu at Bottiglia.

Linguini Vongole

Linguini Vongole is a classic pasta dishes that’s absolutely beautiful in its simplicity. This pasta dish is perfect when you crave the delicate bite of pasta but don’t want an overpowering tomato sauce or heavy cream sauce to go along with it. Light and delicious, Linguini Vongole is the perfect pasta dish to enjoy in the summer and into the early months of fall.

Linguini Vongole is perfectly prepared linguini pasta that has been blessed with an authentic Italian sauce made from fresh clams, ample amounts of garlic, and a nicely balanced white wine. This pasta is perfect when you want something that’s chic and fancy, but rustic and simple at the same time.

Rigatoni and Cherry Tomato

This is a quick, simple, and perfectly elegant pasta dish. Our Rigatoni and Cherry Tomato is nicknamed sciue sciue, which translates to hurry, hurry. Don’t worry though, our kitchen doesn’t rush through the process of preparing this plate for your table. It’s just that ingredients are so simple, and work so well together, that no fuss is required.

At Bottiglia, you’ll find our Rigatoni and Cherry Tomato is a rigatoni pasta that has been dressed in an elegant combination of ripe cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and creamy mozzarella. Perfect for a light, tomato pasta dish with a nice, bright bite of flavor.

Spinach Lasagna

In the mood for something a little more substantial? Lasagna is the dish that grandmothers all over Italy serve to their families when they want to provide them with a meal that “sticks to their ribs”. Our version, while satisfying, won’t leave you so stuffed we have to roll you out the door. However, you will be pleasantly satiated and looking forward to the next time you visit us for more.

Our Spinach Lasagna is tender layers of lasagna pasta that is hugged by layers of creamy ricotta, fresh mozzarella, and basil. What you’ll find is creamy, garden fresh deliciousness. What you won’t find is a heavy, meat first dish that sits in your stomach for hours. Our Spinach Lasagna is perfect for the person who loves the flavor of freshness without the need for heavy meats.

Rigatoni Sausage

Now we come to the dish that’s sure to light up the taste buds of even the most discriminating pasta aficionado. When you sit down to a nice steaming plate of Rigatoni Sausage, you should be prepared to be wowed by an incredible taste sensation.

Bottiglia’s Rigatoni Sausage is nice and hearty, without being too heavy. There’s also the perfect contrast between the rich sausage, spicy chili, and crisp bite of broccoli rabe. A touch of ricotta cools it off and adds a nice creaminess without making the dish overly rich.

King Crab Bucatini

This one of a kind dish is something that will linger on your mind long after it has ceased to linger on your taste buds. Bucatini is a bit of an optical illusion. It looks like a long, thick pasta that’s going to present with a serious bite. However, there’s a hole down the center, making the pasta look like a drinking straw that’s perfect for soaking up all the goodness of the sauce – in this case a buttery, king crab sauce.

When a plate of King Crab Bucatini arrives in front you, you’re not going to be able to wait to sink your teeth into this dish that’s made from the freshest pasta, tender and buttery king crab, garden fresh zucchini and roasted tomatoes, plus a delicate Meyer lemon cream. Simply unforgettable.

Make You Reservations to Explore the Best Pasta in Henderson for Yourself

Are you ready to try one of these delicious pasta dishes, or maybe explore some of the other options on the menu at Bottiglia. We’re looking forward to seeing you and can’t wait to show you the beauty and deliciousness of fresh and authentic, rustic Italian cuisine. The flavor you’re looking for is just a reservation away. RSVP at Bottiglia today and enjoy the true taste of Italy.