10 Reasons Why New Year’s Eve Brunch is Essential

10 Reasons Why New Year’s Eve Brunch is Essential

Friends don’t let friends make boring New Year’s resolutions. Instead of diets and organization, focus on fun and enjoyment! Kick off the best year ever a little early with brunch at Bottiglia Cucina Enoteca on New Year’s Eve, which just so happens to fall on a Sunday this year.

Why not close out 2017 in style by gathering up your squad and enjoying our legendary brunch fare and drinks? Here are 10 reasons why New Year’s Eve brunch is absolutely necessary.

Henderson brunch(Source: Bottiglia Cucina Enoteca Facebook page)

1. The early bird gets the worm. Around the new year, many people resolve to procrastinate less, and be more proactive about getting stuff done. In that spirit, there’s no need to wait till the last minute to start your New Year’s Eve festivities when there’s no time like the present! Make brunch at Bottiglia your first proactive act of enjoyment and fun in anticipation of a bright new year ahead.

2. Group rewards! Not that you needed an incentive, but we do have an extra special treat for groups of six or more this New Year’s Eve. At Bottiglia, we’re offering an incredible special for you and your friends: groups of 6 or more will be treated to complimentary bottomless mimosas. Yes, that’s a phrase so nice we need to say it twice: complimentary bottomless mimosas! For groups of 6 or more! Bring the squad!

3. It’s been a long December. The shorter days and overwhelming holiday stress of December can take a toll on the body and mind. Happily, brunch at Bottiglia is the perfect antidote to holiday overload and the December doldrums. Recuperate and claim some “you” time by enjoying a leisurely meal! We’ve got plenty of creative food and drink options to add a ray of sunshine to your December. Check out our helpful guide to suggested drink pairings with brunch entrees for the ultimate meal.

4. To escape your family. Spiritual figure Ram Dass famously said “If You Think You’re Enlightened, Go Spend a Week with Your Family”. The fact is, even if you love your family, the close proximity and extended exposure during the holidays can be intense to say the least. A break with friends is undoubtedly just what you need!

Of course, for those of you who can’t get enough family time, you can always bring ‘em to brunch!

Henderson Brunch(Source: Bottiglia Cucina Enoteca Facebook page)

5. To reconnect with your friends. Chances are, with frenzy of activity that marks the holidays, you haven’t been able to connect with your besties as much as you’d like. Conflicting schedules, holiday busy-ness, travel, and other factors can make it hard to meet up.

Reconnect in style by getting together with a group at Bottiglia for a pre-New Year’s Eve brunch! Not only can you swap holiday war stories or travel nightmares over mimosas and/or champagne, but you’ll also be able to hatch your plans for later in the evening.

6. Make those resolutions! What’s your New Year’s resolution? To help you choose the most appropriate resolution, and to help you stay accountable, talk it over with friends. Swapping resolutions, supporting each other, and discussing your hopes and dreams for the year ahead is bound to make some great discussion. Of course, it probably goes without saying that such serious conversations are always better over brunch. Speaking of which, maybe you should add a brunch resolution to your list! Maybe you’ll resolve to try a different drink pairing, or to try something savory if you usually go for sweet brunch dishes? #goals indeed!

Sunday Brunch(Source: Bottiglia Cucina Enoteca Facebook page)

7. Because you’re tired of Christmas cookies. Christmas cookies are good. So is figgy pudding and Christmas goose and all that jazz. But you can only eat so much holiday fare before you never want to see it again (well, perhaps you’ll be ready by next year). 

Enter the Bottiglia brunch menu! Make a comeback into the world of creative non-holiday themed food by enjoying the offerings on our extensive menu. Maybe you want to keep it light with our delicious fruit parfait, or maybe you’re starving and craving a hearty corned beef hash. Either way, it’s going to be a welcome change of flavor for your palate!

8. Fuel the best disco nap ever. If you’re going out for New Year’s Eve, you’ll probably want to take a serious power nap on New Year’s Eve-afternoon. A brunch at Bottiglia promises to fuel the best nap ever, with the sweetest of dreams.

Following your post-brunch siesta, you’ll be refreshed, satisfied, and ready to take on whatever adventures the evening holds.

9. Two words: Pre. Funk. Here’s a good question: why wait til midnight to start drinking champagne? After all, December 31st is National Champagne Day (true story). Why not do your civic duty and start the celebration early? Whether you’re enjoying our mimosa special or enjoying bubbly on its own, you’re bound to enjoy getting the party started early at Bottiglia. Hey, it’s the last hurrah for 2017; send it off in style! Treat yourself!

10. Because it’s still Sunday, after all. It’s probably written in stone somewhere: on Sundays, we brunch. Even if it’s a holiday weekend and you can brunch tomorrow, too, the fact is, it’s still Sunday. Sundays were built for brunch. There’s no reason why the holiday should force you to break this long-standing and delicious tradition!

No matter what your holiday plans or style, brunch at Bottiglia is bound to fit in nicely. We hope to see you at our Green Valley Ranch Sunday Brunch on New Year’s Eve! Happy new year, all!

What’s your new Year’s resolution?